To All Our Vets

As you honor our Vets please watch Tunnel to Towers video following The Sound Tank Salute.

By clicking on the video selection icon you will be shown what is currently available on this GOMC playlist. Make your new selection or collapse this list by click on the in this same window.

Thanks for supporting our Veterans.

Vets – When you visit this page – in the comments section provide your branch of service, dates of service, Conflict/War, military occupational specialty ( MOS ), and any comment you would like to make.
Welcome Home and thanks again for your service.

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17 Replies to “Veterans”

  1. I was in Vietnam 70-71 serving as a helicopter crew-chief (67Y20).
    It is refreshing to see how attitudes have changed toward those who have served this country. It’s hard for younger vets to understand how different it is today versus during the Vietnam War. Proud to stand beside all my commrads – young and old.
    Together We Stand Brothers and Sisters – Vets All

    1. Thank you John for all you have done and what you are doing. Remember it is for the Great Mission. I appreciate your kaleidoscope faith, it has opened my black and white eyes. Love you, Brother

      1. Thank you veterans for fighting in our place and sacrificing for this great country. Let us not take this freedom for granted. Thank you Lord for giving us these great men and women.

  2. Proudly served USN 73-77

    The video on this site brought tears to my eyes and saddened me to think about how we as a nation have deteriorated from our founding fathers beliefs in God and country.
    Although many do not realize the sacrifices made to give us the freedoms we enjoy, many do.
    I do, my wife and children do.
    If they won’t teach it in schools we need to!

    Thank you to all that served.!

    1. Great comment and thank you for your service. I am looking for someone to moderate the Veteran Channel and create content with an understanding of the Veteran community. All moderators are pro bono, volunteering their talents because they believe in GOMC.

  3. Dad passed away a year ago. He was a career military man. He made a good life for us, his family. I’m thankful for his example of sevice to country, hard work, and devotion. I had an interesting life as an Air Force brat!

  4. To our heroes at home and abroad, on this Veteran’s day and everyday, I say thank you!

    Freedom is NOT free! There is a cost. And while sometimes I may forget, your efforts to serve this country and our fellow man are appreciated beyond words and in my heart forever.

    You will NEVER be forgotten!

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! And may God’s blessings be upon you, always!


  5. Just met some young folks selling American-made products πŸ˜‰ in front of Tractor Supply. (See photo above)
    They said their grandfather was a Vietnam Vet. I just wanted to give a shout out to him and say he must have done a fine job with his daughter because she is doing a fine job with her children.
    PS – Great job kids !

    Welcome Home Brother
    Thanks for your service.

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