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  1. I just met you while we were riding on the bicycle path. It was unfortunate that we could not communicate better because of the language barrier. This site has tools that will translate the information found on GOMC into whatever language is most understandable to you.

  2. Someone from your staff found my wallet with my keys, credit cards, cash and license in it. I was blown away when I got the call from the dispatcher. I am so incredibly appreciative. The card you left with website helped me realize what a great person you are. I cannot thank you enough. I would like to thank you in person.

    1. Thanks my friend (Grateful 220226) – I was thrilled to be able to make your day turning it from very stressful to one of praise. God is the reason for this site and it is always a pleasure to bring joy in His name.
      All the best – JJM316

      More thsn anything, I pray this website will become a resource for you and that you share it with others.

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